I got mine.

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Kevin Siembieda has generated some of the best RPG stuff on the market. Rifts was the second RPG I ever played, and I remember it to this day as the only modern dark horror setting I’ve ever seen that actually worked in gameplay.

Kevin has been screwed to the tune of a million dollars, at a time when he’s stretched thin on a bunch of exciting projects which suddenly he can’t float. There’s a decent chance Palladium is going under. However, there is hope.

Kevin’s handmaking a poster – a small, black and white pencilled 11×14″ affair, hand-numbered, featuring all the major characters of the Multiverse. Copies are a limited run, and each one is $50. This money will go to shouldering the company through a few rough months while it gets over the collossal screwing which someone on the inside dealt out (including the theft of a lot of irreplacable originals.) Assuming he survives (and he will, if you guys crack out the wallets – he only needs to sell 5-6k posters to make it through this) he will be printing a list of all the people who helped in the back of one of the major books. And, for you gluttons out there, those prints are going to spike on value something fierce. That’s a collectible like you only see once every 20 years.

So, I got mine. It’s time for you to get yours. Kevin has been remarkably good to the RPG crowd, keeping margins very small. If he’d been a little greedier he could probably weather this attack on his own.

He’s given us heroes for fifteen years. It’s time for us to give him a few back. Fifty bucks isn’t that much.

Averaging Gradius For The Win

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It’s hard to imagine a more awesome and thrilling waste of a collaborative effort than this.

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