Checklist for Embedded IE

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MSHTML is an awesome user interface tool, but it has a whole lot of standard behaviors, many of which aren’t what one wants for an application (since it’s designed for the web.) This is a list of stuff you need to do to embed IE COM and have it behave like a normal application. There’s more than a person might expect.

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Oh, Neat: A Hack To Fix The IE Click Problem

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I always wondered how applications suppressed that god-awful clicking sound in embedded IE. Usually you catch them screwing with user preferences, but there’s a utility I have which never showed any apparent method of getting rid of the goddamned noise. I always assumed they just styled text to look like a link.

Well, I still don’t know what he does, but I found a way.

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More IE Woes – This Time, from the Inside

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Wow.  I haven’t had such mixed feelings about IE in years.

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Sometimes I Forget

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Sometimes I forget just how bad my homepage looks in IE. I’ve just performed a few fixit hacks, but I’m still not happy.

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