Ah, reciprocity

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"Hay guys how an apostrophe does work, need to show them winders users their'r dum"

"Hay guys how an apostrophe does work, need to show them winders users their'r dum"

Kutiman Mixes YouTube

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Those of you know know me personally know that I am extremely picky about music: whereas I enjoy nearly every genre, I am very particular about stylistic elements, quality, and skill of execution.

My friend Poffy turned me on to Kutiman Mixes YouTube about an hour ago; I’ve watched it several times before realizing I needed to spread it around.  It appears that some guy got a bunch of YouTube videos and mixed them into a video album, compositing the video elements into a barely explicable thing which vascillates between montage, pastiche and 60s-style disoriented spook video.

It’s honestly mindblowing.  Speaking as someone thoroughly inured to things like the McRoll and the Windows song by being double oldbear enough to remember the various versions of .MOD, this really still tweaks all my knobs.  This isn’t just weird.  This is genuine music.  It’s good.

This is one an mazing.

The 43 Bands Listed From Adult Swim’s Bump

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[digg-reddit-me]If you, like me, really dig on some of the Adult Swim bump music but haven’t been able to find it, on one of their recent bumps was listed a number of the bands they’ve been using.  I’m reproducing that list here because I couldn’t find it on Google, and that usually means nobody’s written it out yet.

There’s some surprisingly good music in this list.  I bought the Dethklok CD, and I just can’t stop listening to it.  Almost this entire list is available as DRM-free MP3s from Amazon’s music download service (yay affiliate links).  I’m linking the MP3 CDs where I can because they’re way cheaper and I find them more convenient, and frankly I hate ripping my CDs, so why bother, etc.  Also, where I know the band, which is a little over half this list and quickly growing, I’m linking specific albums I prefer.

It also helps that the Amazon pages have clips of songs that you can listen to, so if you’re looking for something specific you heard, you might be able to find it (and maybe some other good stuff too) here.

The list:

Quite a list.  Lots of good stuff in there.  Enjoy.

What would make a good image plugin?

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I’ve been thinking about making an image plugin for WordPress.  I want to restart my image of the day process, but the import process has been dreadful, and there’s no programmatic access to the image list, meaning things like random images and images from subgroups aren’t particularly reasonable.  To that end I need to write my own, and since I’d love the rank that comes from having a high-usage plugin, I need a clear idea of what things go into an image plugin, what features are missing from existing plugins, et cetera.

I’m already doing complex efficient randomization, API access, bulk posting, timed bulk posting, base autotagging, auto-categorization, a catalog widget, and I’m going to make sure that my stuff is compatible with the All In One SEO pack.  I’m going to provide integration points, and I’m going to provide an example integration with LightBox, or one of its relatives.  I’m going to provide voting, moderated tag suggestion and home-post permalinking.

I’ll also be writing strict, browser/version portable code without hacks.  Yay!

Please let me know what you’d want to see if there were a new image plugin coming out.

Turkish Star Trek Covers!

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That’s right, it’s not a dub, it’s a cover. As in, they actually remade the entire episode themselves. Brace yourself for the lowest budget “The Man Trap” you’ve ever seen. Cardboard cutout people, transporters that look like macaroni beams, girls who aren’t even close to hot – it’s got it all.


A Different Take on Spiders and Drugs

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It’s not the same as those pictures you already saw, even though it seems like it is. Watch it.  You’ll see.

Yay, Dots!

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And no, these dots aren’t being agitated.  This is a simple visual/auditory demo with delusions of grandeur, but on the other hand, it is surprisingly pretty; very reminiscent of 80s demoscene stuff, back when (insert obviously false nostalgia here.)  Granted, this is something of an old news moment, but hey, it’s the first time I saw it, and almost everyone I’ve showed it to thinks it’s new to, so good enough.

On with the show.

Timing is, Apparently, Everything

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Stupid Human Tricks: Hypnotism

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And Now, For Your Viewing Pleasure, Stupidity

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