What would make a good image plugin?

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I’ve been thinking about making an image plugin for WordPress.  I want to restart my image of the day process, but the import process has been dreadful, and there’s no programmatic access to the image list, meaning things like random images and images from subgroups aren’t particularly reasonable.  To that end I need to write my own, and since I’d love the rank that comes from having a high-usage plugin, I need a clear idea of what things go into an image plugin, what features are missing from existing plugins, et cetera.

I’m already doing complex efficient randomization, API access, bulk posting, timed bulk posting, base autotagging, auto-categorization, a catalog widget, and I’m going to make sure that my stuff is compatible with the All In One SEO pack.  I’m going to provide integration points, and I’m going to provide an example integration with LightBox, or one of its relatives.  I’m going to provide voting, moderated tag suggestion and home-post permalinking.

I’ll also be writing strict, browser/version portable code without hacks.  Yay!

Please let me know what you’d want to see if there were a new image plugin coming out.

Image of the Day: Disgusted

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Namely, disgusted with my posting regularity. But disgusted nonetheless.

Image(s) of the Day: Reparations, a Story in 30 Pictures

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In the great tradition of appeasing the masses, I am attempting to get out of my earlier lateness debacle by mocking America, my homeland.

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Image(s) of the Day: LOL, etc

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Whoops! Forgot to fill the queue, and am several hours late. I’m quite busy at the moment because of the company, and so I’m missing little things here and there. This is also why I haven’t generated much blog content in the last couple of days; I’ll try to remedy that tonight. At any rate, as penance for my slackery, I’ll give you several images of the day for today, and more tonight on the normal schedule.

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Daily Image: Verily Intarweb

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I heart the Bayeux Tapestry. Don’t you? It gets such wonderful meme crossings.

Daily Image: Vehicular Manslaughter

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They’re honestly fairly straightforward instructions.

Daily Image: Tom Sees

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You ain’t getting past his razor sharp senses.

Daily Image: This Is A PSP

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No really, it is.

Daily Image: Yeah, I Bet You Do

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Great shirt, kid. Hit the gym next.

The Resurrection of the Image of the Day

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That’s right, I’m bringing back one of the features missing from my old blog extension – the image of the day.

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