c++0x standard finalized; now open for last international comment phase

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It’s finally done:D   And, thank god, “concepts” are officially in.

Gearing Up for Public SVN

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I’m going to be releasing a few new libraries in the next several days, both by archive and public subversion.  I’ve already bought the domains and built a forum for them.  I even wasted a couple hours subversion automating everything down to the line of having little library websites made automatically, with custom per-library color palettes.

I was a little bored.

So we’re going to have three libraries progressing in the immediate future, with quite a few more over time:

  1. HtStub – An embeddable, zero-config, zero-behavior secure Erlang webserver
  2. SC A-Star – An efficient, modular ECMAscript (flash/actionscript, javascript, jscript etc) A* implementation with support for custom grid geometries (includes algorithm tutorial)
  3. TestErl – unit, regression and stochastic testing for Erlang
  4. ScUtil – a fairly large list of gap filling functionality for Erlang

In the near future, I will add C++ and PHP libraries, as well as many some libraries for more obscure languages like FormulaONE, Mozart-Oz, Factor and maybe (sadly) Delphi.  I have more than 30 libraries ready for release.

All those repos are pretty empty at the moment.  That will change in coming days, and I’m sure I’ll post lots of boring little snippets here about whatever minor new thing my crap does.


Eep. Yasli::vector is on the move!

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Yeah, I know I’ve been quiet for a long time. There’s a good reason, and it’ll all make sense soon. However, I just stumbled across an article that is so amazing that I just can’t wait, and I need to share it. Andrei Alexandrescu is a brain, but this one’s special, even for him.

yasli::vector is on the move – read it or fail. Miserably.

(Sorry about the PDF. I hate them too. Nothing I can do.)

Poor Articles And Falsehoods About C++

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It’s never been entirely clear to me how articles like this article on linuxdevices.com get cleared to be published.  If they’re onced over by someone with even half a clue about C++, they’d just get turned down.  It makes me worry about the quality of the magazine publishing them.  Nonetheless, someone used this article last night to justify a stance borne largely in ignorance as regards C++, so it’s time to clear the air about the language.  Today, I start a new category to curb C++ naïveté and misapprehensions.  This is the first entry in “C++ Myths.”

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Checklist for Embedded IE

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MSHTML is an awesome user interface tool, but it has a whole lot of standard behaviors, many of which aren’t what one wants for an application (since it’s designed for the web.) This is a list of stuff you need to do to embed IE COM and have it behave like a normal application. There’s more than a person might expect.

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Oh, Neat: A Hack To Fix The IE Click Problem

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I always wondered how applications suppressed that god-awful clicking sound in embedded IE. Usually you catch them screwing with user preferences, but there’s a utility I have which never showed any apparent method of getting rid of the goddamned noise. I always assumed they just styled text to look like a link.

Well, I still don’t know what he does, but I found a way.

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More IE Woes – This Time, from the Inside

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Wow.  I haven’t had such mixed feelings about IE in years.

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On Shadowcasting

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I haven’t written a roguelike in a long, long time. Last time, I used the traditional light-per-room model for lighting from the original Rogue; these days, I don’t find that at all satisfactory. It’s time for a proper shadowcaster.
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Container Selection Posters

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So I put up a new store, for programmers who need reference charts, and I’ve even put one whole product into it (well, three, because I made three different sizes, but whatever.)

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C Problems For The Poser Programmer In Your Life

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Someone happened to give me a link to a set of interesting C problems, which though not intensely difficult are enough to make a novice take pause. Some of them are even eye opening for novices. It’s an interesting read.

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