Like my new iPhone. HATE the keyboard.

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[digg-reddit-me]One of the things I was most looking forward to about my new iPhone, knowing there were SSH clients, was the ability to use it as a genuinely remote terminal, no matter where I was, to do little shell tasks and write simple code and so on.

Ha!  The problem is, the iPhone has an autocorrecting keyboard which corrects if you don’t tell it not to (the obnoxious kind like Outlook has), and it makes completely asinine replacements (its becomes it’s, as if the word its doesn’t exist).  This is bad enough if you just speak above the level of an eighth grader, but it makes using unix shells and writing code genuinely impossible.

Classic apple zealot response from IRC: “don’t be stupid, just teach the iPhone every word you want to use when programming.”  Like they don’t even think before they answer.

Apple: why can’t I turn this off?  It’d be simple enough: there’s bound to be some function somwhere get_best_replacement(char* current), which signals no reasonable match (as you get for, say, ‘zzzzz’) by way of an empty string, or something similar.  That’s the hack point.  Add if (customer_isnt_retarded()) { return “”; } else { previous_logic(); } and it’s fixed.

Seriously, who locks people into an autocorrecting keyboard?  Ugh.  This ruins the iPhone for any kind of technical use.  What a mess.

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