Gearing Up for Public SVN

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I’m going to be releasing a few new libraries in the next several days, both by archive and public subversion.  I’ve already bought the domains and built a forum for them.  I even wasted a couple hours subversion automating everything down to the line of having little library websites made automatically, with custom per-library color palettes.

I was a little bored.

So we’re going to have three libraries progressing in the immediate future, with quite a few more over time:

  1. HtStub – An embeddable, zero-config, zero-behavior secure Erlang webserver
  2. SC A-Star – An efficient, modular ECMAscript (flash/actionscript, javascript, jscript etc) A* implementation with support for custom grid geometries (includes algorithm tutorial)
  3. TestErl – unit, regression and stochastic testing for Erlang
  4. ScUtil – a fairly large list of gap filling functionality for Erlang

In the near future, I will add C++ and PHP libraries, as well as many some libraries for more obscure languages like FormulaONE, Mozart-Oz, Factor and maybe (sadly) Delphi.  I have more than 30 libraries ready for release.

All those repos are pretty empty at the moment.  That will change in coming days, and I’m sure I’ll post lots of boring little snippets here about whatever minor new thing my crap does.


Stone PHP SafeCrypt: Convenient, Secure and Typesafe Encryption (Tutorial, Library and Test Code)

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When wandering around Das Intarweb one sees a lot of sad, sad code. In fact, people who should know better get busted on weak crypto all the time. Indeed, even the PHP manual examples have unacceptable security flaws. When one is writing encryption code for one’s own site, that turns into a problem. Here’s a library to wrap and a little primer on using the standard encryption facilities in PHP safely and correctly.

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Stupid Sudoku Book Generator

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I’m looking for beta participants for my PC client! See

The problem? PDF. The solution? FPDF, PHP, and the force of anger incarnate.

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