Image(s) of the Day: LOL, etc

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Whoops! Forgot to fill the queue, and am several hours late. I’m quite busy at the moment because of the company, and so I’m missing little things here and there. This is also why I haven’t generated much blog content in the last couple of days; I’ll try to remedy that tonight. At any rate, as penance for my slackery, I’ll give you several images of the day for today, and more tonight on the normal schedule.

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Open Sores Communities and Rehan for the Win

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Man. So I went into the Word Press IRC channel today, thinking I was gonna ask some questions. One of the regulars, Mark, gave me some pretty useful information, including a little video he’d made of installing a plugin stub. Needless to say, Uncle Fatty got excited, and decided he wanted to write a plugin and donate to the community, right?

Not so fast.

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Needs More Emo

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Ultyma told me that if I just added more emo to my blog, that I’d get more hits.

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