Firaxis love/hate – Civilization 5, y u no werks? Brilliant garbage :(

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Six months in, and Civ5 still can’t get basic network play running. Call 2k? They just insist nothing’s wrong.

Why must the most brilliant game ever made be so broken?  :(

Know about a bug?  Add it to comments here please.  They turn a blind eye to the forums.  :(

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  1. John Haugeland Says:

    One city challenge is broken in new patch (maybe old too, dunno, just tried it for the first time last night.) Germany has six cities. The policy that gives you a free settler still gives you a settler; it’s just that it can’t settle. (Ostensibly this is how Germany did it – the settler ban is probably only on the first city, the settle ban is probably only on the button, and the policy gave the AI the city they needed to get around the ban.)

    It’s like photoshop disasters, but for game designers.

  2. John Haugeland Says:

    Iroquois special ability doesn’t give free trade network over forests in multiplayer like it’s supposed to, starting in this patch.

  3. John Haugeland Says:

    On-founding city happiness calculation is still wrong for the first city founded during a turn; fixed after turn counter ticks over. Only visible when a nation has become large enough to really push city unhappiness.

  4. Kraln Says:

    When a deal becomes invalid, every player is notified regardless of involvement.

  5. Kraln Says:

    The citystate message screen always has the *last* citystate information displayed, not the current one. Can be confusing.

  6. Kraln Says:

    Worker, Scout, Ship etc pathfinding (autoexplore, autoimprove) seriously bogs the game on larger maps.

  7. Kraln Says:

    Circumnavigating the globe does not grant the achievement nor the movement bonus.

  8. Kraln Says:

    Occasionally while playing multiplayer, after the first few turns, the game ‘loads’ and spawns may move, interface elements may toggle, etc.

  9. John Haugeland Says:

    It appears to be impossible to start a huge map game with six or more players. We succeeded once, but on the divide between turns 2 and 3, two players were ejected, and the remaining four all became Player #1, England (same city, same map.)

  10. John Haugeland Says:

    Game lags massively on using units with automation abilities, such as workers or units on search. This can be mitigated dramatically by all players voluntarily eschewing such tools; however, eventually the city states build up similar populations and the lag becomes unmanageable.

    Lag comes in three phases: first, the lock lag, where the entire interface freezes, and you can’t get back to the UI without invoking Ctrl-Alt-Del, suggesting that firaxis has never heard of threads or processes. By turn 110 on a huge archipelago, this lag is typically 90 seconds or more, which is agonizing on a game where legitimate turns take 40 or so seconds.

    Then there’s the unlock lag, where the game allows you to use the UI, but none of your orders (unit orders, city orders, etc) stick. During that time, things which are fundamentally asynchronous, such as trade deals, do queue to work later, but don’t fire immediately. Things which are synchronous, such as setting city build orders, merely fail outright.

    Finally there’s the acting lag, where after you can finally play again, for a solid minute or two anything you do is god-awfully slow. Merely scrolling the map can fire at two or three frames a second, which makes me think I’m using Netscape Navigator 3 on linux on a 386.

  11. John Haugeland Says:

    Map scroll crash not fixed.

  12. John Haugeland Says:

    Game periodically picks one player, and blackscreens them during hard-lock phase.

  13. John Haugeland Says:

    On save and load, game frequently appears to admit a player, except that player cannot see their own settings, and whereas the game will launch, it will near-immediately fail.

  14. John Haugeland Says:

    Turn 172? No worries: just crash the game and make it un-reloadable.

  15. John Haugeland Says:

    “Oh hi, your 16 player network game can’t start with 5 players if the map’s over standard size.”

  16. John Haugeland Says:

    Lol, savegame? No, you’re downloading this patch that’ll ruin it. You may not wait until tomorrow.

  17. John Haugeland Says:

    Turn 120? Time for a game ruining crash. Those autosaves? Don’t be silly – somehow they’re dead too.

  18. in2501 Says:

    i try play game and it wont start!!! help plsssssss

  19. John Haugeland Says:

    Oh right, rejoining a crashed game? Well, that means you’re now Egypt, who wasn’t in that game, and your two friends are now no nation at all.

  20. John Haugeland Says:

    Also, the difficulty sliders seem to always be at Prince on a reload, regardless of where they were in the actual game, and the sidebar that lists common rules alterations during creating a new game misses more of the rule slots than it gets.

  21. John Haugeland Says:

    Oh good, let’s kill three games in a row in under an hour.

  22. Aldous Says:

    well i got a bug i noticed…maybe someone can help, basically the unit interface (with options like settle/fortify/ranged attack etc) just don’t apear on my games anymore, very frustrating as i don’t know any hotkeys and got to alt+tab everytime i do an action to check what hotkey do it….help plz

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