Hooray, IE9 does protovis!

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At this time the Protovis example gallery’s HTML is not shipping a doctype, meaning that IE eats that page in quirksmode, so the graphs don’t show.

However, if you hit F12, pull Document Mode down and hit IE9 Standards, suddenly they nearly all work. :) To fix this permanently, all the Protovis team needs to do is add a doctype (preferably HTML 4.01 strict) to their pages.

Currently, streamgraph, bubble charts, force directed layout, dymaxion maps, conway’s life, belousov-zhabotinsky, n-body and automaton explorer are broken. Everything else works flawlessly, and the rotated tiny text is *gorgeous*.  The animated and live graphs are lightning fast, and sparklines are perfectly positioned.

2 Responses

  1. Izhido Says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa!

    Since when did you started updating your blog again?!?

    Next time, have the decency to inform us about it, k?


  2. John Haugeland Says:

    Hahahaha. It’s on and off.

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