What a pity – the Tufte talk was terrible

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I’m really sad about this, as I had been looking forward to the Tufte talk for months.  It’s just a directed reading from the books.  He doesn’t add anything except made up data (like that analog plate printings from the 1500s are eight times higher resolution than your laptop and cell phone, because apparently he hasn’t noticed how different those resolutions are in his highly made up measurement.)

Powerpoint jabs every 20 minutes or so.  Don’t user test – Jonathan Ives doesn’t, and Microsoft does.  Repeated appeals to buy his mother’s book.  Let’s turn to page X and spend five minutes silently appreciating this graph, then move on with no expounding at all.

For that price, I had expected at least some content other than what’s in the books.  I didn’t think I was paying almost $400 to have the author read his book to me.

I expected better.

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