Why the 3DS isn’t selling

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The media invariably seems to think that the problem with the 3DS is that it’s too expensive (after dollar value adjustment it’s not as expensive as almost any of Nintendo’s other portables have been,) or that somehow this is Apple’s doing.

This is all bullshit.

The problem is simple, and it’s the same thing that has crippled many, many platforms in the past. It’s what’s killing Win7 phone today.

There are no desirable software packages for the platform. I’ve had one since launch day, and I still haven’t bought any games other than the one I bought on launch day, because they’re all the same garbage that’s been being sold for ten years, and none of them do anything interesting with the new hardware.

Nintendo needs to wake the fuck up and change its software production availability to small producers, or *that* will sink the company. The platform has been out for six months and there are barely 40 games (for comparison, the DS launched with nearly double that, and people screamed at the sky for the limited game catalog.)

The iPhone gets about that many games released PER HOUR.

I hate playing games on my iPhone, but at least my iPhone has games I want to play.

Wake up, Redmond; Japan isn’t going to fix this.

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  1. RobKohr Says:

    I totally agree, but for the wii in my case.

    With a few exceptions I am totally disappointed in wii’s online store.

    I looked into developing apps for wii myself, but the barrier to entry is just too high – both cost wise and with the requirements on being an established publisher. For the iphone, you only need to shell out $100 assuming you have a mac an ipod touch.

    It upsets me greatly because the wii controls are fantastic for developing novel games.

    Since the wii is on the way out, my wish is that they would try and milk its potential and open it up for indie developers.

    The same could be said for the 3DS. The future of game development is indie, and nintendo needs to get with the program.

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